Conditions of Purchase

For good cooperation

With our “Conditions of Purchase”, we inform new suppliers and partners about the legal framework.

Quality, availability, productivity, and innovation throughout the value chain make a valuable contribution to business success. That is why we select our suppliers very carefully and across functions. They are among the best and most innovative, meet our minimum requirements, and continue to develop faster than the market. In return, proven suppliers gain access to global markets by working with HSP as a worldwide technology leader. They can also expand their portfolio of products, solutions, and services portfolio – and their customer base – long-term.

In collaborating with our suppliers, we not only seek innovative products and solutions, but also want to support them in their continuous development. We jointly derive relevant development measures, based on performance assessments and the required business strategy. We record these measures in a target agreement and implement them sustainably, together with our suppliers. The aim is to optimize their performance and cost position, and to minimize or mitigate identifiable risks early on. This way, we continue to improve, and maintain our competitive edge in a rapidly changing world. 

We expect our suppliers to comply with applicable legislation and international standards relating to the environment, to minimize environmental pollution and to continuously improve environmental protection, and to establish and implement an appropriate environmental management system. This also includes taking appropriate measures to avoid any use of raw materials in its products that originate from conflict and risk areas and contribute to human rights abuses, corruption, the financing of armed groups, or similar negative impacts.

What we need from you

  • Company presentation incl. potential products, existing machinery, and existing certifications

  • List of references (optional)

  • Signed non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

  • Signed supplier self-assessment

  • Basic company data, e.g. VAT ID

  • AEO and REACH statements

We are pleased that you wish to cooperate with us, and thank you for your interest. To ensure an efficient and fair selection of offers, we have defined a fixed sequence of purchasing conditions for the benefit of all parties involved. This makes cooperation easier and more transparent for you and us. Please note that no exceptions are possible, due to our compliance policy.

First of all, we need a company presentation from you, including the products that can be manufactured, the machinery, and the existing certifications. A reference list is optional, but welcome. After we have reviewed these documents, and you remain interested, you sign a non-disclosure agreement for possible initial inquiries.

In the next step, potential suppliers sign a supplier self-assessment, the Code of Conduct for suppliers, and submit basic company data such as the VAT ID. The supplier must also submit an AEO statement and a REACH statement. Subsequently, supplier and/or product qualification takes place.


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