HSP does not tolerate corruption or illegal or unethical behavior. That is also a core statement in our Business Conduct Guidelines, which are a binding set of rules for all of our employees. But we do not leave it at that: Our Compliance organization holds compliance training sessions and conducts internal controls of our operational units.


HSP holds different types of training sessions, depending on the position of each employee. The training sessions are held on a continuous basis and are adapted to the employee’s scope of responsibilities.

Senior management training is held in the form of “in-person” training and covers the areas of anti-corruption, the Foreign Corruption Practices Act (FCPA), gifts and invitations, competition law, and the process of potential reviews.

Web-based training is held for employees who are authorized signatories, employees in management positions, and employees who come into direct contact with customers.

Cooperation with Siemens Energy

HSP closely coordinates its compliance and anti-corruption efforts with SIEMENS ENERGY. This ensures professional handling according to the “tone from the top” strategy within HSP. Click here for more information

Handling complaints

In addition to the Compliance help desk (Speak up – Click here), that HSP shares with SIEMENS ENERGY, an outside ombudsperson has been created to allow employees and outsiders to report improper business methods in the company. This ensures a secure channel of communication on a confidential and anonymous basis.

In case you wish your report to be dealt with locally, by the HSP Hochspannungsgeräte GmbH instead of the central compliance team, please contact:
Mr. Benedikt Faßbender; 0049-2241-2526-220;

Please note: The centralized investigation team responsible for conducting all compliance investigations globally has specialized experience in protecting whistleblowers and, when requested, ensuring their anonymity. Unlike a local investigation, a centralized investigation is performed outside of and completely independent from the local hierarchy as the global investigations team reports up to the Siemens Energy Chief Compliance Officer and the executive management board. For external reporting please contact the Speak-up system or our Ombudsperson.


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