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Operating manuals

Title Language Download
EKGFt/SEKGFt German BAL_S/EKGFt_05d.pdf
  English BAL_S/EKGFt_05e.pdf
  French BAL_S/EKGFt_05f.pdf
  English BAL_EKMI/EMI/EMH_03e.pdf
EKTG German BAL_EKTG_05d.pdf
  English BAL_EKTG_05e.pdf
French BAL_EKTG_05f.pdf
Spanish BAL_EKTG_05s.pdf
  Russian BAL_EKTG_05r.pdf
EKTO German BAL EKTO_04d.pdf
  English BAL EKTO_04e.pdf
French BAL EKTO_04f.pdf
Russian BAL EKTO_04r.pdf
ETFt German BAL_ETFt_04d.pdf
  English BAL_ETFt_04e.pdf
EW/SEW German BAL_S/EW_03d.pdf
  English BAL_S/EW_03e.pdf
  French BAL_S/EW_03f.pdf
  Spanish BAL_S/EW_03s.pdf
Russian BAL_S/EW_03r.pdf
GSETF/GSETFt German BAL_GSETF/t_07d.pdf
  English BAL_GSETF/t_07e.pdf
Spanish BAL_GSETF/t_07s.pdf
GEW German BAL_GEW_03d.pdf
  English BAL_GEW_03e.pdf
Spanish BAL_GEW_03s.pdf
GSEW/GSEWt German BAL_GSEW/t_08d.pdf
  English BAL_GSEW/t_08e.pdf
  Frensh BAL_GSEW/t_08f.pdf
SESTFt German BAL_SESTFt_01d.pdf 
  English BAL_SESTFt_01e.pdf 
SETFt German BAL_SETFt_06d.pdf
  English BAL_SETFt_06e.pdf
French BAL_SETFt_06f.pdf
Spanish BAL_SETFt_06s.pdf
Russian BAL_SETFt_06r.pdf
Italian BAL_SETFt_06i.pdf
Portuguese BAL_SETFt_06p.pdf
SETFta/ETFta German BAL_S/ETFta_04d.pdf
  English BAL_S/ETFta_04e.pdf
French BAL_S/ETFta_04f.pdf
SGF German BAL_SGF_04d.pdf
  English BAL_SGF_04e.pdf
  Russian BAL_SGF_04r.pdf
STARIP®/STARIP®-Si German BAL_STARIP/-Si_02d.pdf
  English BAL_STARIP/-Si_02e.pdf
  French BAL_STARIP/-Si_02f.pdf
Spanish BAL_STARIP/-Si_03s.pdf
  Russian BAL_STARIP/-Si_02r.pdf
  English BAL_STARIP/SI-W_01e.pdf


The documents are available in pdf format. You will need the Acrobat Reader by Adobe to read the documents. You can download it free of charge from www.adobe.com.


Declaration on REACH

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